International Talk Like a Pirate Day (is overplayed)

So from what I understand, today (September 19) is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Like so many nonsensical fads, I believe that this one was started by a bunch of bored geeks who thought pirates are just inherently funny. (A lot of geeks find pirates funny. You ever google “Ninja vs. Pirate” lately?) And just like a lot of geek pursuits, this one becomes exponentially less funny when it’s foisted upon you at work.

Apparently, some manager-types got wind of this delightful event and decided to commemorate it at work. It shows up, as a joke, on our project calendars. Older 50-something managers are planning to dress up like pirates. I suppose it’s some sort of example of how we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously and how we can have fun … but to be honest, it kinda feel like your parents discovering Britney Spears music and rocking out to her hits. Or in other words: like, totally embarassing.

If the higher-ups ever find out about the All Your Base fad or NaNoWriMo, then I shall curl up and weep for our lost innocence.


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