Animated Fridays: AMV Hell

Sometimes, it’s amazing that AMV had lasted for a while before the “Hell” concept arose. A “Hell” AMV consists of many short clips. If any one of these clips were taken to the full extent of the song or trailer it was being mashed up with, then the clip would have less impact. But, string a bunch of shorter clips together, and you not only have something funny, but you also have an information overload that seems ideal for this ADD-addled world of ours.

The “Hell” AMVs took the name fromt the first: AMV Hell, a collaborative effort from regulars Alan Clontz (Zarxrax) and Brian Moore (ssgwnbtd). The video won 4 awards: 3 from anime conventions, and 1 from the website. One clip in particular that illustrates the advantage of the “Hell” format? Clips of Battle Athletes done to the censored version of “Move, B*tch!” by Ludacris. If done too long, tiresome. But at around 20 seconds, awesome.

Note: This clip is probably PG-13 for quite a bit of fanservice, so, needless to say, it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

The video in turn spawned three other sequels: the less popular AMV Hell 2 (which focused on extreme fanservice), the unpopular AMV Hell 0 (which is highly pornographic and contains a lot of scatological scenes), and … AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture. AMV Hell 3 is perhaps the greatest AMV ever made. Clocking in at over one hour and produced by 56 different participants, AMV Hell 3 contained tons of great mash-ups: from TV clips to running-gags to emotional mash-ups to parodies of famous AMVs.

There were also other imitators, but, let’s face it… nothing can touch the original AMV Hell 1 or 3. Everything else pales in comparison.

The best place to find these videos is to download it directly from the site. They’re also on YouTube: here’s a quick search for “AMV Hell” videos, including the incredible AMV Hell 3.

And what’s this I see from the main site? There’s going to be an AMV Hell 4? Sweet genius, that’s awesome!


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