The reason Tobey Maguire might not return as Spider-Man

This is a little bit old news, but speculation was rampant earlier this week that Tobey Maguire might not return as Spider-Man because he was tied to another franchise.

And that franchise … is ROBOTECH?!?!

Flippin’ A! I wasn’t into Robotech as a kid. The little girls were the ones who were poring over the character manuals. And who would blame me? The story revolves around Minmei’s sappy pop songs being the ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction. yet, I cannot help but be excited that there will be another movie about giant robots.

So who will Maguire play? Rick Hunter? Roy Fokker? Captain Gloval? Breetai? For some reason, I think the speculation leading up to the release will be much more fun than the movie itself.

I’ll start it off:

  • Jennifer Garner would make the perfect Lisa Hunter. Failing that, Hilary Swank. Yet you know that Hollywood will be casting Kiera Knightley yet again.
  • For some reason, I’m thinking Katie Holmes would make a good Minmei. Yet, since she is Asian, it will probably be Lucy Liu. Whenever there’s an Asian, it’s always, regrettably, Lucy Liu.
  • I’d prefer that the Zentraedi be kept a giant blue-skinned humans, but you know Hollywood: they’ll turn out to be yet another rip-off of Aliens. (More like the Invid, I think.)
  • If Maguire isn’t taking the Roy Fokker role, I think the perfect guy would be Val Kilmer. It harkens back to his role in Top Gun, and the man is due for a comeback!

The biggest question: will the SDF-1 transform into the largest robot in the series, or will they leave that to the Veritechs? I wouldn’t mind either way, but it’s an interesting issue.


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