Britney Spears, the VMAs, and the Exploitation Network (MTV)

So you may have heard that Britney Spears is now the laughingstock of the country.

For me, I actually felt sorry for her for the first time. And the pain continues: AV Club reports that MTV and Viacom will be running some specials to exploit the event.

Given that Viacom, and MTV especially, makes big bucks tearing down the acts that they create, none of this is surprising. I am, though, really scared about where this was going.

The last time I remember a celebrity being mercilessly mocked like this was Anna Nicole Smith. And Britney herself is pretty much in the same phase of life as Anna: stumbling, without direction, and — while still wealthy — doesn’t seem to be able to win at anything.

And we all know, in the end, what happened to Anna.

I’m going to have to agree with Kanye West’s comments on this one: “Man, they were just trying to get ratings, and they knew she wasn’t ready and they exploited her.”

Here at Rooktopia, I say: don’t let this stumbling block ruin you, Britney. Try a new music genre. Cover yourself up: you’re not a teenager any more. Go with something darker and mellow, because you feel real pain and music is a great way to let it out. Look at Michael Jackson and your “friend” Madonna and see how well they’ve reinvented themselves every few years.

I’m no fan, Britney, but I’m pulling for you.

Beat the haters.


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