Movie Trailers That Should Have Been #11: Citizen Kane: Tha Remix

You know, I’ve never been that big of a fan of Citizen Kane. It’s a fine movie, no doubt, but I’ve always resented that it’s always appeared at the top of the Top Ten lists when I can think of about 10 other movies that are better.

However, this trailer makes Citizen Kane look like the freshest cat on the planet. A few choice edits, a voice over, and some new music, and Orson Welles looks like he’s playing a Pimp Made Easy. It’s been rumored that a lot of rap culture and its lifestyle of opulence, loose morals, and ostentatiousness were inspired by Al Pacino’s Scarface. That may be true, but over here, I’ll be closing my eyes and dreaming of a world where the world of hip-hop was birthed by Charles Foster Kane.


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