Who Wants to Be a Superhero? Very brief thoughts on the elimination of Episode 6.

So I missed the Sixth Episode. I was out of town on vacation, and I was doing better things than watching TV. The show also aired earlier this week, but I just couldn’t get myself to sit down to watch it. There’s just something about a Basura-less episode that makes it difficult to watch.


I couldn’t believe that Parthenon was the one eliminated.

Squirrel Girl Says:

“Parthenon got kicked out? Gee willikers! What’s this world coming to? He was the only one left who didn’t get called up to the red blocks before, and he gets kicked out? It was all about his lifestyle, wasn’t it? I just knew it … Stan Lee hates GREEK people! Stan, why are you a Hellenophobe?”

I guess I’ll have to watch the recap at the beginning of the show to find out what happened, but this is a huge surprise: Parthenon seemed to be doing everything right up until this episode!

Now, my thoughts on the Final Three: Hyper-Strike, the Defuser, and Hygena.

Compared to last year’s Three (Major Victory, Fat Momma, and Feedback), these three don’t cut it. The last three were super-campy in their roles. While it didn’t happen, it set up the Major Victory/Feedback showdown that most fans of the show were craving for. And Fat Momma was highly likable: while she started to lose interest in winning toward the end, she had loads of charisma and disappeared into her gimmick. Seeing a picture of these three at the San Diego Comic-Con made me believe that there could be a fun Justice League style show with ’em.

The current three… are just not superheroes.

  • Hygena: cleaning is not a superheroic power. Even Fat Momma’s power was more heroic: she used doughnuts to cheer people up and to distract rabid dogs. Everytime I see Hygena do her schtick, she plays the part way to straight… like she’s an actual maid, not a hero.
  • Defuser: he’s got it together, no doubt, but he doesn’t seem to have the passion to win the whole thing. His gruff attitude screams “police officer,” not “superhero.” I mean, his real life persona would be great in a Frank Miller book, but the whole set up of “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?” is more 60’s Batman than it is the grim world of Sin City. He just doesn’t seem to fit. (He DOES possess the power to make me spell his name incorrectly every time. I just had to edit “Diffuser” into “Defuser” again. Curse you, you meddling hero!)
  • Hyper-Strike: He may be the most superheroic of the bunch, but he, like his two compadres, doesn’t seem to be exuding a super-personality. And his original costume wasn’t even that of a superhero: he was going for a manga/anime look. I pick him to win the entire thing, but when place side-by-side with a ham like Feedback, he seems a little bland, doesn’t he?
  • Anyway, I’ll be posting my blog entry for Episode 7 tonight. See you then!


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