Old Cassandra Cat news, but hey, I was on vacation is San Fran, so what the heck…

So, this is definitely old news, but it was just too cool to pass up:

Bob Weber, Jr., the artist behind Slylock Fox, has just provided a design for the loyal readers of The Comics Curmudgeon. Now, earlier Bob Weber, Jr., had revealed himself as a reader since some, er, salacious pictures of Cassandra Cat (the curviest member of his rogue’s gallery) surfaced on the web. He asked the artist and Josh Fruhlinger nicely to remove the pictures, since kids — his primary audience — might come across it. It was fair enough, and his request was pleasant (unlike the litiguous complaints from the lawyers of For Better or Worse‘s Lynn Johnston.)

However, to make up for it and prove that he is indeed the most awesome guy on earth, Bob Weber, Jr., provided a supersexy Cassandra Cat logo for use in official Comics Curmudgeon merchandise. Super AWESOME!!!! Check it out! Of course, you risk looking like a furry if you wear any of this stuff, but goddamn that is a sweet logo!


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