Metapost: Vacation

I won’t be posting to this blog for a week. The girlfriend and I are off on vacation to magical San Francisco. So no “Who Wants to be a Superhero?” update this week. (I only mention this because that turns out to be this site’s most popular feature.)

So I leave you with this parting notice: sometimes I like to check what search terms lead people to this site. Most of the time, it’s something normal and mundane, like “transformers 1986 bumblebee” or “who wants to be a superhero season 1.” But sometimes I come across a rather intriguing term.

Like “Sexy Arcee.”

I plugged that term in “Google,” and sure enough, this site pops up. However, there is another site that has a hilarious piece of fan fiction. It involves Arcee getting DNA from Hulk Hogan … the traditional way. It’s all obviously tongue in cheek.

I’m not linking it here (because it’s probably a violation of the “no pornography” policy), but know that somewhere on the internet, you’re going to find EROTIC ARCEE/HULK HOGAN FANFICTION.

(Heh. That’ll get those search engines hummin’.)


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