Todd McFarlane’s “Wizard of Oz” movie

Over at The Agony Booth, forum regular Andy OBrien posted the following link from

he Wizard of Oz is to be remade and a “2007 wow factor” injected into the classic film.
The Warner Brothers remake will see the Munchkins go, Dorothy will be “sexed-up” and her dog Toto will become a warthog.
The film studio has joined forces with a comic book artist and writer Josh Olson, better known for his screenplay of a History of Violence. The new version was dreamt up by Todd McFarlane, a media entrepreneur who began his career on the Spider-Man Comic before moving on to his own anti-hero Spawn.

So, Dorothy is going to be a bondage queen? (Click on the picture below to see the full picture, which is probably not safe for work.)

Bondage Dorothy.

Seriously, when the hell did misogyny equal sexy? McFarlane lost me here.

More stuff on the “Twisted Land of Oz” toys can be found at, which should give you an idea for what the movie will be like: not for children.


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