Transformers movie toys: is the drought over, or do we have the wrong supply channels?

I remember reading all over the web about Transformers shortages, and that no new shipments would arrive until October. Wal-Mart and Target are all out of Transformers, except for the ones that turn into MP3 players and video game controllers. Y’know, the ones no one wants.

Then it surfaced at the forums that a few members were having luck at Kohl’s. I thought of going there myself until I remembered another store: Toys R Us. Yeah, I forgot that this store existed too. I decided to drop by, and voila:

It's Blurr!  I mean... blurr...y.

It’s hard to make out from my cell-phone pic, but those are rows and rows of Optimus Prime and Megatron toys. And they weren’t the only ones. I decided to pick up the following: Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Devasta… er, Brawl.

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So does this mean that stores are restocking the Transformer movie toys? Or have we forgotten that retailers like Toys R Us actually sell toys?

What do you, the viewers at home, think?

EDIT: I just got through transforming Jazz and I noticed his Autobot logo is on his crotch. Jazz, you sick bastard. Ha-ha! I am lovin’ this toy. He’s got much sturdier legs than that dork, Barricade.


2 thoughts on “Transformers movie toys: is the drought over, or do we have the wrong supply channels?

  1. I was thinking more about the toys based on the movie characters. They’ve been rather popular this summer, and there have been shortages reported at several Targets and Wal-Marts (which gets tough when some of the toys are exclusive to either store). It seems the most scarce one is the 2008 Camaro Bumblebee. He’s the only Autobot not in my collection right now, in any case.

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