Who Wants to Be a Superhero? Lemuria vs. Basura

The hot chicks of Superhero.

So, if you were like me, you mourned the elimination of the last hot superhero on the team. This isn’t a slam on Whip Snap or Hygena. Both are beautiful in their own ways. But neither was a total hottie like Basura. Still, many fanboys are asking themselves: who was the better hottie superhero — this season’s Basura, or last season’s Lemuria? Both were the top of their class in the eye-candy department. And, as Monty Python would say it, both had bountiful tracts of land.

Rooktopia tackles this problem indepth to settle this battle of super-hotties once and for all:


BASURA: Real name, Aja De Coudreaux. Superhero name means “garbage” in Spanish.

LEMURIA: Real name, Tonatzin Mondragon. Name comes from hypothetical land mass located in the Indian Ocean. This is tied in with her origin story, which is based on Atlantis mythology. She was sent to the future from the past by her Atlantian father and raised in 21st century Mexico. She’s an archaeology student. And she discovers that must prevent war from breaking out between Atlantis and the Mu.
WINNER: Have to had it to Lemuria. That is one hell of on obscure name origin, and it sure beats calling yourself “garbage.” By the way, those can’t be the real names for both contestants, can they?

BASURA: “Communicates with and is aided by insects of all kinds; trains small animals to assist her; can intuit by touch how any object was created; turns trash into treasure and reshapes rubbish into robots.”
LEMURIA: “Shoots laser-beams and fireballs; levitates; drains energy from people, animals and plants; hurls orbs of solar energy.”
WINNER: Basura. Lemuria sorta saddled herself with the sample pack of superhero powers and ends up not being very original. Basura has bugs and trash-bots to do her bidding. Tres cool.

BASURA: Ummm… Cleanliness? Also, the scifi.com site says “Her insect friends can be unreliable when ‘primal needs’ arise.” Uh, awwwwkkwarrrrddddd.
LEMURIA: Darkness and the night.
WINNER: Basura. OK, it was worded a bit creepily, but vulnerability to darkness and night is a pretty terrible weakness. Wasn’t that Nuclear Man’s weakness from Superman IV? And how was that a good thing?

BASURA: Two — “Is the trash gonna have to take YOU out?” and “Looks like it’s gonna get messy!”
LEMURIA: “Hello, sunshine!”
WINNER: Basura. Ugh. Neither are any good, but “Hello, sunshine!” has to be the worst catchphrase ever.


WINNER: Basura. Grawwwwrrrrrrr….


WINNER: Lemuria. I can’t say that Basura’s new outfit was much of an improvement as it was basically the same thing but with different materials. Also, it got rid of the feather headwear, which I thought was pretty awesome. Lemuria’s outfit was a huge improvement, going from go-go dress to something that actually looks superheroic.


WINNER: Basura. These are both terrific comic book covers, and I would pick up either one if I were at the comic book store. In fact, in a perfect world, we’d have a “Birds of Prey” style comic with a Lemuria-Basura team-up. They’d be like girl Superman and girl Batman! That said, Basura wins because she looks awesomely mysterious. She looks like she should be facing an army of ninjas and greeting them with a smirk like you wouldn’t believe.

BASURA: Got on as a garbage artist.
LEMURIA: Was voted on by horny geeks on an online poll.
WINNER: Basura. Anyone hottie can get voted through an online poll. The garbage artist thing is pretty unique.

Deviant art by Toxic Candle
by Edward Pun
WINNER: Lemuria. I know Basura’s supposed to be living in garbage, but I don’t remember he looking like a ghetto mama. At least cartoon Lemuria looks like she’s ready for the Justice League!

BASURA: Rosario Dawson.
LEMURIA: Jennifer Aniston.
WINNER: Basura. Rosario Dawson’s underrated, but she’s got tons more raw sexuality than Jennifer Aniston any day. And, oddly, the same can be said of these two heroes.

BASURA. Well miss you, girl. Who Wants To Be a Superhero? is a whole lot less sexy without you.

These gals also have myspace pages, where I lifted the photos wholesale. Check ’em out!
Basura myspace — Kinda hilarious how may insect pictures she has.
Lemuria myspace — Just a standard myspace.


7 thoughts on “Who Wants to Be a Superhero? Lemuria vs. Basura

  1. just catching up on wwtbas on dvr and man, seeing boobsura, errr, basura go sucks. show has no sex appeal anymore. think the show just lost half its viewers.

  2. wow! aside from the OBVIOUS fact that you are males and cant get laid, did you ever stop to think that objectifying these women might piss off the people who actually know and love them? these women have family, friends and lives outside the tv. show some respect and comment on something other than how hot you think they are.

  3. OK, thanks for your comment.

    Also, before you get self-righteous on their behalf, mind visiting their myspaces first and seeing for yourself if these ladies mind having guys thinking that they’re sexy? You might be surprised to see Aja de Coudreaux (a.k.a. Basura) has put pictures up of the scenes where she was dunked in honey.

    And honestly, at which point did we really objectify them? Saying that they are very hot and pleasing to the eye is not the same as saying as that is the only good quality about them.

  4. Hey, someone sent me a link to your page; what fun! I took being on the show seriously, but knew some of the reasons I was there….. I try to give the fans what they want, hence the “honey photos.” What a mess that was! Let me tell you, not erotic at all.

    Oh, and YES, Aja Hruby De Coudreaux is my real name. From birth. From my parents. The same goes for Tona. My name means “unborn” in Sanskrit. In Hinduism, people are born with a destiny and a path. Gods and goddesses are “unborn” and create their own destiny.

    I didn’t get too into my backstory, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    I won? You are too sweet! Thanks for the support and for watching the show.

  5. Thanks, Aja! That is a far too cool name, by the way… all of it, in fact. It’s got a certain je ne sais quoi to it.

    And no offense to Tonatzin, but you did seem to be far more comfortable in your role on the show … at least with what the cameras showed us, anyway. Also, that home-made costume was pretty killer.

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