A short thought about Halle Berry’s Catwoman movie

I’m currently watching Catwoman on AMC. God knows why. I’m going to skip all jokes that have to do with AMC dropping the letter C because there is no way that Catwoman would ever be considered a classic unless it includes two small robots and a host.

Instead, just one thought: isn’t it uncanny how Halle Berry looks like she’s CGI, even in scenes where she’s not rendered in CGI? Is there a possibility that she didn’t really star in this movie, but rather lent her image to an all digitally-created Catwoman? Hey, most people thought that the all-CGI Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies was a really good make-up job. So we know the technology is there.

I mean, no Oscar winner would ever willing star in this total trainwreck of a movie, would she?

SPOILER: By the way, I totally expected Sharon Stone to sprout wings during her freefall at the end. This movie has broken me.


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