“Cavemen”: the hard look at prejudice.

So it looks like reporters are all over the non-story that the new “Cavemen” TV show is about a bunch of white guys who are spoofing the racial struggle of African Americans, and they’re not liking it. Here’s an exerpt of an article from Tom Maurstad of the Dallas Morning News:

A woman pointed out that it was eight white guys sitting on the stage and that all of the caveman stereotypes had to do with things such as “being a naturally great athlete” and “having a reputation for being good lovers,” and she wondered aloud how they couldn’t have anticipated that people would make that connection.

The producers tried to explain, in that effusively expressive way of saying nothing that is a Hollywood trademark, saying things such as “Is it about race relations? No. But that is a background theme of the show” and “It’s distinctive stories about three guys in their 20s who happen to be cavemen.”

I have to agree with the folks who believe the reporters are overreacting. Mainly because “Cavemen” will probably break the record for the fastest a show has ever been cancelled, and by October everyone will have forgotten it ever existed.

Though I did like the discussion over whether the cavemen were Cro-Magnon, as claimed by the producers, or Neaderthal, as claimed by the reporters. C’mon, everyone: it’s obvious the Cavemen are Australopithecus Africanus!

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