The Top 10 Sexiest Music Videos

So sexiness is a subjective thing. Being a heterosexual male, I can’t fathom what heterosexual females and homosexual males find sexy. Also, being a person who paid attention to music videos in the 90’s, I don’t find a lot of those VH-1 “I Love the 80’s” sexy videos to be all that great. That Whitesnake video that always ends on these lists won’t be here. I never thought Tawny Kitaen was all that hot.

And a video isn’t sexy just because someone gets naked. Janet Jackson doffs her top often in her “So Excited” video, yet to me it’s one of the most boring displays of exhibition I’ve ever seen. And a lot of it boils down to personal taste. But to me, an artist is sexy by doing the subtle things that make the viewer immediately fall in love them. A sly rise of the eyebrow, a slight curling of the lips, or the ever popular hip gyration. So here are what I consider the sexist music videos of all time.

Honorable Mentions

  • Liz Phair: Why Can’t I? – For some reason, I find the close-ups of Liz Phair’s face and her slow-motion head turns to be strangely sensual.
  • Sheryl Crow: The First Cut is the Deepest – I happen to think her sexiest work is her cover of Led Zeppelin’s “D’yer M’aker.” But everything that makes Sheryl is on display in this video: her husky voice and her strong feminity. Sure, that “Steve McQueen” has that shot where she’s pulling up her pants, but this video is more sensual overall.
  • Methods of Mayhem: Get Naked – My, there’s, um … sure a lot of naked people in this video. Unfortunately, one of them is Tommy Lee. Also, it’s not all that sexy for the most part. Still… lots of naked.
  • Madonna: Don’t Tell Me – This has a little bit of something for both the guys and the girls. There’s some genuinely fun dancing here in cowboy chaps. And, for the first time I recall, Madonna — even at 40-something — is looking hot. It’s gotta be her sexy version of country line dancing.

The 10 Sexiest Music Videos

#10 – Van Halen: Hot for Teacher – OK, I know I said I didn’t find 80’s videos all that sexy, but here I’ll make an exception. David Lee Roth and company tap into the primal pre-teen boy fantasy. That’s the one where a hot teacher strips in class.

#9 – Britney Spears: Toxic – There was a time when the mere thought of Britney Spears didn’t make you feel like you just got STDs. “Toxic” was perfectly on the border of clean-cut Britney and the gyrating one in the nearly see-thru body suit.

#8 – Pussycat Dolls: Buttons – Sure, “Don’t Cha” was a better song, but did it have the lithe, fit Pussycat Dolls doing striptease? Nope.

#7 – The Black Eyed Peas: My Humps – This is the song that finally answers the question: “Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk?” I’ve heard from various sources that Fergie is nowhere as hot as her videos suggest. Like I care. In fact, it makes me respect her more. If Fergie can exude sexy on charisma alone, then more power to her.

#6 – Kelis: Milkshake – Kelis has ruined the drink for me. Now when I see it on a menu, for some reason I can’t think of anything but some vigorous lady lump shaking. Trust me, erotic bouncing is the last thing I want to think about when eating at the Applebees.

#5 – Ben Benassi: Satisfaction – Good Lord, this is about the most arousing video about power tools. Ben Benassi is a goddamn genius by attempting to get every single man obsession concentrated in one bootilicious video.

#4 – Christina Aguilera: Candyman – I never thought Christina was all that hot. That is, until this video. What do you know: clean the girl up and dress her up in dowdy Andrews Sister costumes, and he ups her Smokin’ Quotient by a 100. Again, I said it was the little things that make an artist sexy, and I could not take my eyes off of Christina’s lips. (The one on her face, wise guy.)

#3 – The Red Hot Chili Peppers: Give It Away – This is definitely one for the ladies. And definitely one for the homosexual males. A bunch of fit, half-naked guys sweating and flexing. And kissing. Again, I’m a heterosexual male, but I cannot deny the raw display of sexuality in this video. Plus, it’s a pretty awesome song.

#2 – Elastica: Connection – So why is this grunge anthem even on my list? Is it the rows and rows of totally naked guys? Donna Matthews’ hypnotic grey eyes? Three chicks with guitars, which automatically makes them hot? The looping video that suggests certain repetitive movements of an erotic nature? Nope, nope, nope, and nope. It’s Justine Frishmann’s sexy, sexy sneer. Call me a child of the grunge-era 90’s, but that is seriously one of the sexiest facial expressions in music.

#1 – Chris Isaak: Wicked Game – And number one on my list (new as of November 2007) is a black and white video that nevertheless conveys the sensation of seawater and naked flesh. A goodlooking rockstar (Chris Isaak) cavorting on the beach with a superhot supermodel in the state of nakedness or near nakedness. And the haunting, guitar-driven song is perfect for getting your mind in a state of heightened eroticism.

List updated 11/8/2007.



65 thoughts on “The Top 10 Sexiest Music Videos

  1. sorry, but your list really does suck.

    Christina Aguilera – Dirrty
    Britney Spears – I’m A Slave 4 U
    Madonna – Erotica
    Paula Abdul – Cold Hearted
    George Michael – Freedom ‘90
    Madonna – Justify My Love

    all of those are WAY sexier than your number 2 spot. and, Madonna’s Justify My Love should be number 1.

    1. You see people, now this is a person who knows his stuff. Hip hip hurry. Howwever, for the one one spot I would have to say that that spot belongs to:

      Shakira – Las de la Intuición

      sorry, but is there any other video that can beat that. Please, state your facts as to why that was your choice.

    1. wow, never mind what you say, it speaks volume about you. you are sad. Yay for guys who can express the perceived hotness of videos independently on who is in it.

  2. I’m a black male and appreciate women of all types, but i must say!! when thinking Madonna, pussycatdolls,Britney,or Christina!! the word sexy does not come to mind!! Madonna’s a skank who should just retire!! the Pussycatdolls are nothing to write home about !! Christina trys too hard!! And Britney has always been cute and pretty, but not overly sexy! rap & r&b own most of the eye candy videos,no one works like the ebony babes!! Kylie minogue did’nt make the list?? funny that!! because she makes the women on your list (apart from Kelis and Britney) look like corpses!! peace!

    1. No no i am sorry but ebony babes try WAY to hard to force you into liking there hooker style of dance with people who can never hold a note. Shaika, Britney and even the insecure Beyoncé (she forces women around her to dress less sexy) would all be in 1, 2, and 3 stop, respectively. I am a black man respects goes to sexy not and never to bootilious babes. 🙂

  3. happy to see VH’s ‘Hot for Teacher’ made the list, but how on earth could you leave out the infamous Tawni Kataen in Whitesnake’s ‘Here I Go Again’ video. Or what about Billy Idol’s ‘Rock the Cradle of Love’? That one had me breathing heavy!

      1. NiiiIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCEEEEeeeeee!!!! She definitely got that cutey sexy thing going.

        Definitely in the top ten. I would say.

  4. Anyone remember the video I think last year 2008 where the “Computer geek” docks on the door and its all down hill from there. Can not remember the title, any help ???


  6. this is my top 10 sexiest videos ever

    10 run this show -kate de luna
    9 you make me wanna -usher
    8 I want your sex -George Michael
    7 could I have this kiss forever -Whitney Houston
    6 bleeding love- Leona Lewis
    5 wavin flag – k naan
    4 number 1 -n dubz

    3 wake me up before I go-go-wham
    2 baby -Justin bieber
    1 in the closet -Michael Jackson
    look at this songs

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  8. U2 – With or Without you

    There is another Music Video out there were he and this woman is on the beach making out. I can’t find that video any more, but I think that that tops your Nine Inches. 🙂

  9. Sorry female, but his idea of sex appeal will never be found in any woman’s porn material, yes I’ll say it “EROTIC NOVELS”. And by the way his picks should then be call “The Top Decent Music Videos I Think?”

  10. Can any one tell me what is the name of the video where and woman dances naked (Silhouette) in a warehouse-like place raining water down on her from sprinklers. The man/singer/artist is playing a guitar. also don’t know if it will help but the woman was also tossing large photos down. The photo were covering certain areas. I saw this video around 2007. What the hell is this woman’s name because she have been haunting me.

  11. Horny punk ass bitches either most yah are single or just desperately masturbating over these vids, I mean even da ladies yah should get lives or….better yet GET A GIRLFRIEND!!! you sad punks!!!

  12. Dont know about when this was made but now youd have to have Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya and Lil’ Kim at least second but id say first.

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  14. Whew! I must be missing something here because I can think of a lot more important issues to flame about than which vidio someone says is the sexiest. Like where my next meal is coming from.

  15. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit
    my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing
    all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say excellent blog!

  16. I once have watched a karaoke video name Sweet Home Alabama in childhood…I saw a really sexy girl in that one….I can’t find it again yet……I hope anyone might be able to help me here

  17. It’s interesting that Madonna’s “Justify My Love” doesn’t make it into this list despite all of the noise that was generated about the video and the song itself back in the 90’s.

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