Great Moments in the Funny Pages: The Sexy Bathrobe Saga (Rex Morgan)

Today, we begin “Great Moments in the Funny Pages,” a feature that looks at comic strip plotlines that will be remembered for years to come. In this installment, we salute June Morgan and Heather Avery for their adventures in Rex Morgan, MD. If the good doctor himself can’t provide any entertainment for most of July 2007, then he definitely made the right choice by leaving the strip in the more than capable hands of his sexy nurse wife and a hot blonde nanny.

For nearly the entire month of July, the reader was treated to the sight of June and Heather lounging around in loose fitting robes.

June ups the ante by sexily munching on a piece of toast.

Heather responds by allowing her loose fitting robes to reveal a bit more than the comic strip pages usually allow us to see. I mean, seriously, look at that chest. Wow.

More than once, June seems to want to get Heather in bed. Read into that what you will.

This brilliant sequence of “Will they/won’t they” is interrupted when Hugh Avery is almost killed by a car bomb. But no matter: this month-long tease has already cemented June Morgan and Heather Avery in the annals of comic book history. This is truly one of the Great Moments in the Funny Pages.


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