Ultimate Blade Runner

The case

Somehow I missed this announcement last week, but this has to be the most exciting thing to come out in years: the original 1982 cut of “Blade Runner” will finally be released! I don’t know about you, but I actually prefer the noirish version with the Harrison Ford voice-overs to the unicorn-fueled Ridley Scott’s Director’s Cut that’s currently the only version available on DVD. (My main problem? The pacings way too glacial.) And I’ve encountered many folk who liked the Director’s Cut, but also want to see the theatrical version. But it looks like Ridley Scott is following in George Lucas’ footsteps and is acknowledging that there’s a market for the movies we fell in love with as they existed in their original form!

It’s coming bundled with a couple of special edition packages. The first is a five-disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition that comes in a nifty briefcase-shaped box. The downside (and a relatively huge downside for me): the price. It weighs in at a whopping $55, and that’s with the Amazon.com discount.

I’ll be picking up the relatively cheaper 4-disc Collector’s Edition set, which doesn’t include the Briefcase motif or the fifth disc, something called a “WORKPRINT VERSION” of the film that is yet another version of the movie. (No Deckard narration, unicorns, or happy ending.) Since I wanted to mainly get the Ford narration, I can live without it. And it’s only $25 at Amazon.com! Yeah!

I remember days past when I’d fruitlessly surf the net to look for the original version, or when I’d always check the TV listings to see when “Blade Runner” was on, so this news is an absolute godsend.


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