The Shocker!

So, this Sunday’s “Spider-Man” strip features of the appearance of the villian known as “The Shocker.”

So who, exactly, is The Shocker? Well, there are two general definitions. Examine this panel of The Punisher War Journal and you can see two Shockers:

Two Shockers!

Did you spot them? This is The Shocker, ultra-lame Spider-Man villain:


This is also The Shocker:

Shocker 2

EDIT: To elaborate, due to continued confusion — the hand gesture is considered obscene, pretty much akin to flipping the bird (middle finger). Why is it obscene? It’s what the gesture represents. I’m not going to go further, since pretty much anyone trying to describe “The Shocker” (including Roger Ebert in an Answerman column) will stop short of that, since it tends to make us sound like total sick-o’s. However, like most things of this nature, plenty, PLENTY of information about this subject can be found on the internet. Just don’t try to do so at work, hmmm ‘kay?


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