Movie Trailers That Should Have Been #8: Shining

And now we get to the great spoof movie trailer that introduced me to this odd genre in the first place. One of the blogs I often frequent is Jim Emerson’s Scanners. Jim Emerson is the webmaster for movie critic Roger Ebert. Emerson is also a pro himself with regard to movie criticism, and he’s far more insightful than Roger’s current running mate, Richard Roeper.

At some point on his site (and I can’t find the exact post, no matter how hard I tried), he mentioned this following movie trailer as an example of the fine art of film editing. The actual content of the movie can be altered with the right cuts and the right music.

And so it is with “Shining.” Kubrick’s creepy horror masterpiece becomes a heart-touching story about how a charming boy melts the heart of a lonely, workaholic writer. It’s the feel-good movie of the year!


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