Transformers Energon Arcee: Toy Review

Transformers Energon Arcee is a short gal, about half the height of the movie version. Oddly enough, this might be the right size. When she’s transformed into a motorcycle, she’s actually about the right scale when compared to movie Transformers like Barricade, Ratchet, and Ironhide. One assumes that this would have been the height portrayed in the movie.

The transformation is simple, but clever. The challenge with female transformers is for the vehicle to retain the curviness inherent in the female form. (This, by the way, is not necessarily sexist. The truck chest of Optimus Prime, for example, does recall the pecs and abs of a male.) Arcee succeeds; her thighs, for example, transform into the motorcycle gas tank. And for some reason, I dig her little high heels.

If I had only one complaint, it’s her arms. They are rather stubby. Her hands don’t actually grasp anything, and her Energon crossbow is mounted to a peg on her forearm. This is problematic for posing. When Arcee holds her gun, her arm must be outstretched and her body must be perpendicular to the direction the crossbow is pointing.

Otherwise, Arcee is a great toy. It unique, because she’s one of the few female Transformers in existence. The transformation is easy to do and quite intuitive. Arcee is fun in both modes, though I do prefer the nice motorcycle mode.

And if you think it’s weird for me to be posting pictures of a toy on the web, here’s an even odder site. Remy’s Transformers has a whole gallery devoted to Energon Arcee, including this glamour pose.

If you feel so inclined, he also has a whole gallery devoted to movie Arcee, including this rather disturbing pose.


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