Who Wants to Be A Superhero? Who was kicked out of Episode 2.

EDIT: I just found out you can watch the whole episode on the Scifi.com website, so I’m just going to do the whole review in this space.

I don’t know what it is, but Ms. Limelight is looking hotter this episode than last episode. Diffuser tries to give her a confidence boost; Mindset accuses her of being a phony, and this drives Limelight to hysterics. Smooth move, man. (For the record, I sorta think Mindset is right: Limelight is faking her emotions, bad reality TV style. But his attitude in no way is going to get him far in the contest.)

Now Whip-snap’s chiming in with her own story of inner strength. I know it’s supposed to be inspirational and all, but it starts off with Whip-snap remembering that others taunt her for looking like a man. Oh, boy, that’s just the trait to drive you to a life of heroism, I tell you what.

Frankly, I want to ask Ms. Limelight why her superpower isn’t limes. I mean: Fat Momma had doughnuts, right?


Supervillainess Bee Sting (or, I dunno, Queen Bee as she’s refered to in the video subheaders) escapes from prison and she’s wreaking havoc! I love the behive hairdo. Not so much the scenery chewing. The heroes must stop her in time!


Bee Sting’s got this Eartha Kitt thing going with her voice. OK, she’s doing a spelling bee gimmick. My God, how diabolical! No, seriously, I had to participate in Spelling Bees every year in elementary school and I can tell you with utmost confidence: they’re evil. The twist here is that all the words begin with “Bee-” something, and they are all spelled wrong. Mindset gets snippy and REFUSES TO PLAY ALONG. I think he’s angling for a supervillian slot like Iron Enforcer from last year. Otherwise, I can’t make sense of his actions.

Oh God! THE BEES! THE BEEEESSSS! Bees are released into the hypobaric spelling bee chamber. They … don’t look very threatening. At all. In fact, they don’t look like they’re doing much in the way of really stinging these guys. They must be some sort of fake Hollywood bees, ones with stingers removed.
My girlfriend said Mr. Mitzvah sounds and looks like Barry Manilow. Copacabana powers away! Whip-snap claims she got stung, but her attitude is more of a “Well, I think I got stung. But … maybe Hyper-Strike over here just pinched me. What ever.”

I wonder … was this contest fixed? I mean, the words are all spelled wrong. That means there’s no what what the correct “wrong spelling” would be. I’m sorry, I mean what the wrong spelling would BEE. AHAHAHAHAHAH!!! But yeah, since the teams managed to tie the score in the suspenseful showdown, I’m wondering if this is the case.

Team One (Basura, Limelight, Parthenon, and Diffuser) wins, but everyone wins when they’re dunked in honey! Mindset looks pissed. Actually, everyone looks unhappy. They might just be zooming in on Mindset today.

The team strips down and washes, which means we get a nice view of Basura’s jubblies.


Limelight is looking … really terrible without make-up. Like Bjork in a terrible wig. And she doesn’t know her superpower. She’s really flubbing her interview. I gotta agree with Stan, by the way. This is a flippin’ show where your superhero is supposed to be on a TV movie and a comic book. And you have no idea what your superhero power is? Either Limelight didn’t think her plan through, or this was the only reality TV show that would let her on the air. However, her flubbing and discomfort is kinda endearing. I guess she’s this year’s Cellphone Girl.
The rest do OK. Parthenon seems to have thought out his powers the best. He comes equiped with some sort of Infinity Gauntlet that grants his super-somethings. Whip-Snap gets weepy again, which reinforces my belief she’ll at least be in the Final Three.


Limelight gets this white dress with a green belt. Still no sign of limes. C’mon, she’s LIME-light! Very disappointing. At least she looks less like a streetwalker. But she doesn’t look like as much of a superhero as she looks like a club-hopper.

Hyper-Strike’s new outfit has some sunburst thing going. He doesn’t like his new costume. I agree with him; there’s nothing wrong with the costume, but the old one was better. At least it was unique. Stan asks him to live with it for a bit. He also mentioned he designed the suit, which is kinda odd since Stan was a comic book writer, not an artist.

Basura gets a costume with … um … less cloth and more hotpants. So naturally I approve. Mindset’s outfit … isnt’ much different, only smaller shoulder pads. (I’m guessing it’s more functional.) Whip-Snap gets a boxer look with a red cape, which isn’t half bad.

Diffuser doesn’t get much of a change, other than his accent color goes from red to blue. Um, Hygena’s dressed up like a maid, just like her original costume. I don’t know how that’s close to being heroic. Pathenon’s new teal-colored duds lose his awesome gauntlet of goodness, so I can’t say this is an improvement. Mr. Mitzvah is still a tool. But now he’s dressed in gold.

Compared to last season, where most of the costumes were a huge improvement over the fan-made ones, this one does not succeed as much. At least in half of the cases, the fan-made costumes were better.


We get to the part of the program where we send someone home.

The three heroes on the outs with Stan were: Mister Mitzvah, Ms. Limelight, and Mindset.

The first time I saw this, I only caught the last fifteen minutes on TV. (I caught the rest of the episode on clips aired for free at SciFi.com.) Thus, I had no idea who was being set up. I almost expected the elimination to be the first two, since this was the second strike for both. But the elimination turned out the be: Mindset.

In a way, I think I should have saw this coming. Someone on the SomethingAwful.com forums who is a close friend of Mindset says that he was unhappy about the whole experience, from the time they made him change his name (From Omnicron, I think), to the way they made his new costume inferior to his fan made one. Anyway, I had him going a lot farther than this. Stan said that his attitude was detrimental to the team, and Mindset stubbornly insists that his actions were examples of being steadfast.

At the end of the show, it looks like some bee lady is talking to gay, evil Snake Eyes. Seriously, the guy’s wearing a fencing mask and lounging on a bunch of pink sheets while talking on the cellphone. I guess there’s a possibility there’s a teenage girl under the mask.

Also next week: there’s a mole! It obviously Mr. Mitzvah. I mean, it’s so obvious he’s really Barry Manilow.

Anyway, here’s Squirrel Girl with the final word:

Squirrel Girl
“Gee willikers, it was sad to see Mindset go. From the look on his face, he took it hard. Really, really hard. I have a bad feeling that he’s going to turn to the dark side and kill Stan Lee! That would be downright rotten.”


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