The Top 10 Spoofs on Robot Chicken

The [adult swim] show Robot Chicken is a variety of several stop motion clips. The most famous are the direct parodies. There are equal parts hits and misses. These clips are my personal Top Ten Favorites. Click on each link to see the YouTube of each episode:

  • #10 – The Time of the Great Pumpkin – Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang are stuck in a slasher film, where the Great Pumpkin rises and slays the cast, one by one. Will Charlie survive? (Formerly, this was Bloopers in Space until I remembered how awesome this Charlie Brown parody was.)
  • #9 – Star Wars – Darth Vader and Jar Jar: Robot Chicken did several great Star Wars clips (and eventually did an episode on ’em), including a Yo Mama Fight between Luke and the Emperor and Boba Fett macking on Hans Solo, frozen in carbonite. This is my favorite, though, because for once the annoying personality of Jar Jar Binks is actually funny. I guess that’s what happens when you put him against a straight-laced Darth Vader.
  • #8 – Villain Carpool – Several well-known villains get on each other’s nerves while stuck in traffic. Farting ensues.
  • #7 – Captain Planet – Ted Turner has hubris, if anything. He once bragged, “I thought of Captain Planet!… If humanity somehow does turn it around, partly [the credit] will go to Captain Planet.” I think this clip is less a parody, and more something based on real events. This clip is remembered fondly for ol’ Ted screaming, “CAPTAAAAIIINN PLANET!”
  • #6 – Enter the Fat One – This link goes to the whole episode, but pay attention to any time Joey Fatone (“The Fat One”) is on the screen in this Bruce Lee parody. It’s worth it to see him hallucinate Michaelangelo, the Ninja Turtle, talk about Reaganomics. Joey Fatone of *NSYNC did his own voice here, and on the day I saw this episode, I decided the guy was alright.
  • #5 – The Real World Metropolis – Put a bunch of heroes — including Hulk, Falcon, Catwoman, and the total definition of Superdickery Superman — and what do you get? Well, mainly Superman wearing Hello Kitty panties.
  • #4 – Behind the Music with Electric Mayhem – The world’s greatest Muppet band runs the rigamarole of tragedies that befall anyone on Behind the Music. I was hugely impressed by the voice imitations.
  • #3 – Transformers – Optimus Prime comes down with prostate cancer. And transforms into a coffin. I can’t see any way where the last two sentences can’t lead to something awesome.
  • #2 – Hogan’s Heroes – Any slip that manages to work in the line “Leapin’ Lanny Poffo’s going boffo!”, then that clip is headed to the top of the list.
  • #1 – Cannonball Run – And finally, what can beat a clip that throws a bunch of characters together — from Mario to Bo and Luke Duke to Speed Racer to Vin Diesel — and have Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLouise actually be voiced by Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise? Nothing, that’s what!
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