Wolverine’s a color-coded werewolf! Pray for the Ultimates.

Over on the X-Axis, Paul O’Brien posted his review for Wolverine #55, quite possibly the best review he has ever written. Here is an excerpt:

The maxim “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has rarely been more appropriate than it is for Wolverine. He’s a simple, elegant, straightforward and direct character. He does not need byzantine mysteries in his back story. He does not need to be descended from wolves. He most certainly does not need to be tied to the immortal wolf-man who founded Rome. He just needs to be an ex-secret service guy with a vaguely defined past, who struggles to keep the balance between his humanity and his violent rages. It’s not hard. That’s the character. You can do anything with him, anywhere in the last 130 years or so. It’s very flexible.

There really is a certain arrogance in looking at Wolverine and thinking, do you know, I can improve on that. I can make him the descendent of a hidden race of wolf-men. That’ll be much better. It’s such an underexplored archetype.

Now, I had my reservations over the upcoming Ultimates 3. Most of it stemmed from the Joe Madureira artwork. Now, I don’t have Joey Mad’s work outright. I thought he did a great job on Battle Chasers. But look at the picture below (especially Wolverine) and tell me you’re not worried:

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And now it turns out that this very JEPH LOEB, the scribe for Wolverine #55, is writing the Ultimates? If you still hold hope, read this interview at IGN.com and let the disillusionment encompass your black soul.

I think it’s safe to say that Marvel’s most prestigious brand is now dead and buried.


2 thoughts on “Wolverine’s a color-coded werewolf! Pray for the Ultimates.

  1. The problem with saying you can do anything with Wolverine in the last 130 years is that if you do, then you don’t have a character with a vaguely defined past anymore. By showing the past, you take the vague out of the definition.

    And when you have guys like Brubaker taking a character like Bucky and improving them, it’s really hard to take this entitled fanboy stance that amounts to “don’t change things! I want them to stay like how they were when I was a kid FOREVER!”

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