Transformers Animated: Soundwave rocks — literally

I was already a bit stoked that Soundwave from the Transformers Animated series was going to be what looks like a Scion xB. (Since his original form of a cassette deck was a bit, how you say, obsolete.) However, Dave Willis of Shortpacked reported from San Diego Comic Con that Soundwave’s guitar — which I thought was a bit ridiculous (what’s he gonna do, smash it on the heads of Autobots like a robotic Honky Tonk Man?) — transforms into Laserbeak! That guitar just suddenly went from drab to FAB!

ADDITIONAL LINK: If you haven’t seen them yet, check out these awesome 1986 Transformer movie parodies from YouTube user Pags01.

My favorite quote:
Kup: “There’s still so many things I want to do with my life. Go to college. Drive my first car. Falling in love. And have kids!”
Hot Rod: “Kup, firstly, you went to college. Secondly, you are a car. As of thirdly and fourthly, no one will ever love you and kids is definitely out of the question!


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