Goth Veronica and Goth Betty: Bam a Lam

First a link to Matt Ramone’s site, daily affirmation with archie andrews, a humorous link that takes a look at the terminally unhumorous Archie strip in the funny pages of your newspaper. I’ve heard somewhere that the writers just put together random ideas when composing their strips. After reading a few of these, I have no reason to doubt that story.


… have you ever dreamed of seeing Betty and Veronica don black lipstick and dress in tight black outfits like they’re going to a rave? Of course you have, because you’re a filthy degenerate! But seriously, if you’ve have the Jones for seeing a Goth version of the Archie hotties, your dreams have come true. And this is in an actual Archie comic, not erotic fan art or somesuch.

Goth Betty and Goth Veronica

This scan is courtesy of a LiveJournal post by Tempest O’Mouthy. Click on the link to see the whole story. I understand from the comments that this story puts Goths in a positive, non-stereotypical light, so this might be the one time that an Archie story managed to portray a subculture with something resembling dignity.

(I’m replicating the entire strip under the cut, since images in the scans_daily community tend to disappear frequently.)

She's Goth To Have It


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