Autobots: The Messengers of God?

The site Hollywood Jesus review movies from the Christian perspective. Most reviews view the movies from that standpoint of how the protagonists’ values mirror those defined in the bible. Others overanalyze movies to the point where the navel gazing approaches those lame jokes about late night bong sessions.

However, some of these Biblical speculations turn out to be on the point, such as the speculation that Clark Kent is a Messiah figure in Superman Returns. This was validated by an interview between Stephen Skelton and director Bryan Singer. (Odd how most reviewers missed this obvious connection; I remember when the movie was released, most had latched on the theory that Clark Kent was a subvertive gay hero. I know Singer is a homosexual, but that doesn’t mean that all the movies he directs are about his sexual orientation.)

One of the site’s top reviewers, Maurice Broaddus, theorizes that the battle between Autobots and Decepticons is similar to the battle between angels and demonic powers. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s funny that the main spiritual tie-in about the movie involves the idea of angels. Megatron comes off as the prideful first among equals who leads a faction of his host in a rebellion which costs them their home. He would be a created being, the most powerful of the spiritual “principalities and powers,” the highest of what some cultures would call a god. Yet, like his Autobot brethren, they are free moral agents who also make choices and have actions which have consequences in our world. The consequences for humanity are manifold as what we see as evil is the collateral damage of humanity and creation being caught in a cosmological battle of cosmological forces.

While Hollywood has, in the past, adapted aspects of Biblical stories to suit their ends, I’m not entirely convinced that they specifically had a battle of angels in mind. However, from the viewpoint the final battle becomes more significant. Autobots and Decepticons are battling for the survival of humanity in full view, and all we can do is watch and suffer the fate of the aftershocks. Or, at least, we think that’s all we can do….


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