A Case for Arcee

The best female Transformer there is, was, and will be.

Arcee is not the first female Transformer. She had at least four predecessors, but honestly the most I remember of them (Elita One, Firestar, Chromia, and Moonracer) is that they were snogging with their Autobot counterparts on Cybertron. It was a treacly, stomach churning moment. Arcee is the most famous because she was the first one to have an actual personality: a tough, level-headed gal who can hang with the boys.

She was also originally slated to be in the Transformers movie, but was dropped and replaced with Ironhide. So why did the Pink Phenom get the boot?

There are two main reasons. The first is from screenwriter Robert Orci. Here’s an excerpt from an interview conducted on IGN.com:

IGN: Were Soundwave and Arcee the two characters you most would have liked to see in the film? Or who would you have liked to include that you couldn’t?

Orci: Those two were kind of the main ones, but a few different Transformers came in at various points to serve the story, but the story dictated certain other things. But those are the two main Transformers. I would have liked to see Arcee, but the idea of a female Transformer needs its own explanation, and there just wasn’t going to be enough time. It would have been like, “Oh, that’s convenient. They’re trying to appease women with a pink Transformer.” So rather than having that happen, let it just be a straight shot and speak for itself right now.

The second reason, cited on the Teletraan-1 Transformers wiki, was that poor fan reaction, mainly that Arcee wasn’t G1. (OK, technically she was G1; I think the fans meant that she didn’t exist previous to the landmark original animated Transformers movie.)

In the end, I think this was for the best, since the design for Arcee looked downright cadaverous:
Arcee of the Undead.
Had they run with this character model, Robert Orci had nothing to worry about. This Arcee is simply an asexual robot with a high-pitched voice. (I’m sorry, but I like my female robots to look like they were designed by Hajime Sorayama. Like original Arcee.)

Also complicating matters was that she was supposed to transform into a Buell Firebolt motorcycle. Motorcycles do not make good transformers. It’s why the Gobots lost the Great Robot Wars of the 80’s: the main bad guy was a weak motorcycle-based robot named “Cy-Kill.” Where there supposed to be scenes where Arcee was driving herself? I’m imagining this scenario in my mind right now, and it’s somewhere between embarassing and totally lame.

But although Arcee was a no-go for the first movie, there’s no reason she should be passed up for the second. Here are the reasons why:

  • Gives girls a character to relate to. (This is not a bad thing!)
  • If done Sorayama style, gives guys a reason to smile.
  • Since she’s confirmed to be a character on the upcoming Transformers Animated series, Arceemania should soon be running wild!

  • I think, though, that the writers should rethink Arcee’s transformation. There’s the riderless motorcycle dilemma, as mentioned above. But there is also the size disadvantage. Her smaller size was supposed to be a plot point, but the whole idea of Arcee striving despite her size sounds hokey, nto to mention somewhat degrading since she’s the only female character.

    So, if Arcee’s not going to be a cycle, what should she be? Probably a combination of the following:

  • A GM car or SUV
  • a “feminine” vehicle (that is, probably not a Hummer)
  • can rock a pink paint job
  • So given the above three criteria, what fits?
    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

      Chevy Corvette

    Pros: Lots of curves, high-performance; will look good doing stunts
    Cons: Probably does not have the bulkiness that Michael Bay desires
    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
    Vauxhall VX220

    Pros: Yes, this car is actually a GM car; being British, will be good excuse for Arcee to sport a nifty accent
    Cons: Joe Sixpack can’t typically buy a Vauxhall, so why should GM bother marketing it?; a little anti-Brit grievance called the War of 1812
    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
    Chevy HHR

    Pros: Probably has the bulkiness that Michael Bay so desires
    Cons: Looks like it’s built for hauling Wonder Bread; wait a minute, isn’t this a thinly disguised PT Cruiser?


    3 thoughts on “A Case for Arcee

    1. ok the motor bike moving on its own is a bit lame,
      but the solution to the problem allreddy lies within the first movie,

      in parts of the first movie, some of the Decepdecons (Baricade, Blackout and Starscreem) apperd to have holligraphic projections of drivers and piolots inside them when in there hidden form.

      so you could use this for a motor bike.
      but then a realist might bring up the arrguement
      that holligraphic projections dont work in bright day light.

      so the solution to that problem is
      only show Arcee moving by herself at night or in the dark eg: tunnels.
      if thay have to show her in day time, they can take that oppotuinity to show the viwer how much attention thay pay to detail and realism

      eg: Arcee is travling on a road thats under a bridge or in the shadows
      then thers a break in the shadow for a second
      and for that second it will look like no one is riding the bike.
      and that will grab attention.

      but a nother upside is the tranformation.
      can you amagin a motor bike going 120mph
      then up some sort of ramp, and then combining a wikid motorbike stunt with a real fast transformation,

      its the sort of thing that looks better when not in slowmotion.

      but yer, i hope i could help,

    2. to get an Arcee type of car you are going to need a non-GM car. Here are some ideas…

      Ford Focus 2008 model (very very sexy looking and my personal pick)

      Toyota Prius (my 2nd pick for Arcee vehicle mode)

      Toyota Celica
      Mitsubishi Lancer or Eclipse
      BMW any series
      Mazda RX7
      Volvo C30 or C70

    3. riley ::

      A bike isn’t going to work, and I’ll give you a few reasons of why.

      1.) Fans everywhere know Acree as a car. Changing her would be like saying lets make Prime into a Ford Ranger and make Bumble Bee into a Go-Kart and color him blue. You can’t just change a major aspect of a character and expect the fans to take it. Even tho bumble bee was not made into a VW bug he was still a car and still black & yellow. You as a fan would of been kinda mad if they changed some of the main characters too much. And making Acree into a Motorcycle was too much of a change. Acree is a pink sporty looking car that would have more of a human female attraction to it. Like I said a Ford 2008 Focus, Mustang (convertible), Fusion would be better picks. As they are cars that female like they also fit the Arcee character more.

      2.) The holograms were used but far from perfect. as the it seemed in the movie. Plus now this would be foolish now more so since the new Transformers Animated series popped up. Most people will see a Bike and think of the bot from the Animated show which is male.

      3.) Girls and motorcycles… think about and the movie most likely the female human lead in the film will be back. And most likely thats how they will bring in Arcee kinda like how bumble bee is with the boy. Now think even further Girls don’t really ride motorcycles, the most cycle they get is a scooter .. and please or please we don’t need a Go-Bots scooter. Also most girls that ride bikes as a primary mode of transport most of them look like large marge from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.. Basically not the site I want to see. Because at that point it throws out all sex appeal and the bike goes with it on the zero sex appeal.

      Hope that clears it up for you abit but to be honest reason 1 is the best reason of all.

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