Who Wants To Be A Superhero? The first night.

The first episode of Who Want to Be A Superhero? Season 2 is in the can. We got introduced to several contestants. None of the ladies is as much of a looker as Lemuria last year. I’m sure most of them are moms. In fact, none of the heroes look as heroic as the contestants last year. I miss Major Victory and Tibeculus. I hear that MV’s got online interviews with the contestants on sci-fi.com. Cool.

My girlfriend likes the police guy. Me, I’ve got my money on the gymastics guy that can do backflips. You can’t go wrong with backflips.

After a surprising start where two teams were blown away by some water and wind contraption, the show settled into its regular groove of non-action morality exercises. Superheros had to interrogate a cagey, somewhat randy Asian warehouse owner. Next, there was the old trick where the heroes were instructed to do one task, yet really they were supposed to do some old-school Golden Age superhero thing, like helping an old lady.

No traitor this time! I guess Rotiart had better things to do that night. I was sure that Mr. Mitzvah would turn out to be a villian. C’mon, a multi-millionaire playing this elaborate cosplay game? Obviously an evil trap!

The first elimination was handed down. Braid, you’re out!

Squirrel Girl Says:

Squirrel Girl!
“See ya later, Braid! To be a superhero, ya gotta play well with others! Oh, and George Clinton called. He wants his weave back.”


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