Who Wants to Be A Superhero? Season 1 v Season 2.

So a quick look at the contestants from last year to this year:
Season 1
Here are the heroes from Season 1. Most were rather fit (the exception is Fat Momma). Frankly, most of the ladies are athletic and good-looking, important qualities in a comic book heroine. As for the men, they are iconic as well. My favorite was Tyveculus. (And I totally agreed with him on the costume they made for him: it WAS ridiculous. The reason they booted him off was almost totally tied to him not wanting to wear the stupid thing. That was crap. He should’ve at least made the final 3.)

Season 2
Here are the Season 2 heroes. Good Lord. The only good looking woman is Basura. The rest of the ladies, even the (allegedly) 18-year-old Ms. Limelight look like soccer moms. And most of them are, no doubt spurred on by their kids to join the show. Now look at the men. Do ANY of them look as superheroic as any of the male competitors from the first season? I like the costumes of both Hyper-Strike and Mindset, but Hyper-Strike is really scrawny compared to the Season 1 guys, and Mindset looks like a supervillain.

HOWEVER, I did like the season premiere better than last year’s. For one, there were three legitimate contests, one which looked like a reasonably difficult physical challenge. The first season challenge consisted completely of a cheesy elimination where the contestant had to have the gumption to abandon the actual contest and to slow down to help a lost, over-acting kid. This time, when Braid was eliminated, she had three separate constests upon which she was evaluated. It made the elimination at the end more legitimate.

Second, at this time last year, there were effectively THREE eliminations: Rotiart (the traitor who was a plant), Levity, and Nitro G. That was a mistake; the eliminations were so quick that the viewer had no idea who these two fellows were at all! At least when Braid was eliminated, my girlfriend got the impression that: A) she was stand-offish, B) she flubbed the interrogation challenge, and C) she was a former CIA Op. So kudos to the Sci-Fi for the first episode.

I think that the winner’s going to be Whip-Snap since she got that sappy intro sequence. She’s in the final three, anyway.


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