Two of the Best Transformers-related webcomics

I recently came across two webcomics (and future “Webcomic Overlook” candidates) that dealt with the strange 180-degree opinion reversal of old school fans regarding the Transformers movie. That is, before the movie was released, there was heavy bashing of Godzilla-like proportions. However, when the movie came out and the good reviews started rolling in, fans embraced the movie unanimously an wholeheartedly.

The first is Shortpacked!.

And while I cannot deny that Dave Willis is one of the best web cartoonists right now, I think this one had a better take on fan reaction: Joe Loves Crappy Movies.

Finally a bonus: Jim Emerson (webmaster for Roger Ebert) posted an article where Michael Bay slams a reviewer from a small time newspaper for hating on Transformers. Emerson’s commentors predictably slam Michael Bay.

Ebert, however, defends Bay:

Spielberg, a nice, down-to-earth guy, is more than a friend of Bay’s; he’s a producer of “Transformers.” I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Bay, but I did like his movie more than Westhoff did. I gave it three stars, while it only scored a “rotten” 56 percent on the Tomatometer. Westhoff’s review is smart and funny and wonderfully well-written, although perhaps the words “egomaniacal hack” were incautious. I am glad Bay defended himself against that charge in McHenry County, although he still has a lot of ground to cover.


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