The Webcomic Overlook #1: The Bad Comics Challenge

This is my first post of The Webcomic Overlook, in which I will review various webcomics on the net. It will be something similar to Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad, except I’ll look at both good and bad webcomics, and be at least a little less cruel toward the bad ones (unless they really, really deserve it — like Minimum Security).

Webcomics are not typically tied to a publisher, which, you would think, means that they’re more free to pursue more creative avenues. However, this is often not the case. Look at enough webcomics, and they easily fall into a few distinct categories: manga-style comics, furry-style comics, fantasy comics, and Dilbert-style comics. Some of them are not published in newspapers because their novel concepts are considered too counter-culture for family newspapers. Or some are rather good, but the artists don’t have the right connections or don’t have any luck when it comes to publishing. However, most aren’t in your local paper because … well, because they’re terrible.

This first one doesn’t fit any of those categories. I present Nedroid’s Bad Comics Challenge. Nedroid claims that someone challenged him to create 200 comic strips that are bad. It’s apparent, from the very first panel, that he’s failing spectacularly.

Bad Comics Challenge, Page 1

From panel one to panel three, these are the some of the most random and rib-tickling comic strips on the web. I guess if you were looking for anything “bad,” it might be the artwork. However, the simple scribbles themselves add to the giddy, infantile atmosphere, kinda like how Peanuts used to be.

Yes, I compared a webcomic with Peanuts.

Nedroid maintains his insane sense of humor throughout, from strip #100…

…to his final strip, #200.

The Bad Comics Challenge, Page 40

Nedroid’s LiveJournal shows that he scribbled all these in a span of 9 days (July 9-18, 2007). I guess that says volumes about the magic of spontaneous humor. Nedroid also publishes better drawn comics on his main site. While the strips are still funny and prove that he can draw, they lack the unique manic energy present in “The Bad Comics Challenge” collection. (I may review these separately as a subject in another Webcomic Overlook, though.)

While #200 fulfills the obligations of his challenge, it would be a shame if he abandoned “The Bad Comics Challenge” altogether. Because these comics are seriously funny and better than anything you’ll see in your local newspaper.

Final Grade: 5 stars (out of 5).


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