Movie Trailers That Should Have Been #2: The Narutrix (Matrix Reloaded)

This may be off the beaten track. This time around, I’m posting a video that crosses two genres: movie trailer editing and anime.

Here’s a secret: you know that Milford Matrix YouTube I did a while back? It wasn’t inspired by “Matrix Reloaded.” It was actually inspired by this following video made by ManyLemons a year or two ago: The NaruTrix. It’s one of the most popular Anime Music Videos on the web and syncs with the Matrix Reloaded trailer quite well.

(If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, anime music videos are quite popular with the anime and video editing crowd. There are numerous examples on YouTube, and used to have a whole category devoted to it. The largest repository of these videos are located at the sensibly named

Even if you are not a fan of the Naruto series (and I am not — I’m barely watching anime nowadays), I think you’ll admire the work that went into this. It’s actually one of the most fun trailers I have ever seen.


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