But who will tell us about the mysterious bat-boy?

Witness the Fly-eyed baby!

I read a post today on the AV Club (the web parody site Onion.com‘s legitimate alter-ego) that the Weekly World News is going under. You may remember this fine publication as you were in line at the supermarket. It’s the one that famously uncovered the latest Bigfoot sighting, the man-goat human hybrid, and the whereabouts of Elvis. I never bought a copy, but it’s a terrible shame that this venerable magazine, which actually did have quite a big cultural impact (at least in the world of conspiracy theories, Men in Black and X-Files references, and unimaginative stand-up comedians), will soon be no more. So, before they disappear completely from this Earth, check out their site and remember when the world had the inner fortitude to repel a secret Martian invasion:



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