Welcome to Rooktopia! Plus, The Matrix by way of Gil Thorp

I go by Rook, El Santo, or El Rook (creative!) depending on where I end up and who’s taken what usernames, but I’ll go with Rooktopia here, which incidentally is the username I use for eBay. I’m using this blog mainly to throw together various nonsensical oddities, some that I created myself. This sterling YouTube clip, for example:

That’s a parody I made of both The Matrix and the Gil Thorp comic strip. What would possess me to put together such a thing in the first place? Well, the website Comcs Curmugeon does a fairly good job of snarking on several newspaper comic strips, and one of the most frequent targets. One strip in particular seemed to imply a link between the cyberpunk classic and the crusty black-and-white pen-and-ink holdover from the 50’s:

Is he the One?

For some reason, I thought that an earlier image of Coach Kaz punching out the nameless drunkie would coincide perfectly with the end of the Matrix Reloaded trailer. I also realized that I needed a life, but what the heck … I just graduated from grad school, so I might as well have some fun before I take life too seriously.

I’m playing around with the idea of a follow-up. Perhaps an expanded Matrix trailer once the strip returns to the Gail Martin storyline. Maybe I’ll do it to the trailer of the Matrix Revolutions. But that might be going to the well once too often. Perhaps I can get inspiration from the recent one-legged boxer storyline? A Rocky montage, perhaps?

Anyway, as of this writing, my very first YouTube video has gotten over 3,000 hits. Thanks to the readers of Comics Curmugeon and This Week in Milford for checking it out! I suppose if this blog ever takes off, I’ll owe it all to you fine folks.

Enjoy the blog! I’ll have a few more odds and ends on here before the day is over.


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